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Socket/X provides you with full access to the power of Windows Sockets.

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Socket/X Description

Editor: Socket/X provides you with full access to the power of Windows Sockets, making it easy to write TCP/IP or UDP client and server software. Socket/X comes in ActiveX control and COM object forms. Because Socket/X is both an ActiveX control and a COM object, you can use it nearly anywhere -- ASP pages, Visual Basic applications, Visual C++ applications, anywhere that supports either COM objects or ActiveX controls. Socket/X provides complete support for Windows and Visual Basic's event-driven programming model and lets you do nearly anything that can be done with WinSock. Socket/X goes beyond the normal Visual Basic event-driven model by providing a scheme for Fast Notifications. Fast Notifications allow your program to quickly receive events through simple functions, rather than going through the lengthy process to fire an event. Fast Notifications considerably reduce the amount of time required to handle an event and only require a couple extra lines of code on your part. Want to stick with events? No problem! Those are still supported. You can also use Socket/X in a "blocking" mode. This enables you to use Socket/X where events and callbacks are impractical (such as ASP pages).Socket/X supports stream-based and datagram sockets. Stream-based sockets provide sequenced, reliable, full-duplex, connection-oriented byte streams. With stream-based sockets your data is guaranteed to arrive. This uses the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) for the Internet address family. Datagram sockets are connectionless, unreliable packets (typically small) of a fixed maximum length. These kinds of sockets are good for broadcasting large quantities of small pieces of information to a lot of clients. This style of socket uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) for the Internet address family.

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What's New in Socket/X 2.00.13

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Socket/X Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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